Learn how plants have been used in our region for thoursands of years and how they can continue to help us now!

There is a great variety of natural or herbal medicine, techniques, and treatments that have been used to cure and treat various health conditions. The Incas were our main proponents of natural medicine in our geographical area. The use of these plants allows a quick and viable solution, without the use of drugs, in order to counteract the symptoms of mountain altitude sickness. The main plants used are: coca leaf, muña, chachacoma, mint and capulí.


This experience will bring us back to our essence because, as the Andians believe, plants are our brothers and our sisters; we all come from one source, our mother Pachamama.




7:00 pick from your hotel in Cusco

Choco Cachonda community

Couleur Puquio (this village cannot be found in an internet search)

Traditional breakfast with the people

Learn about traditional plants

Traditional lunch: chiriuchu

Walk to see the panoramic view of Cusco

5:00 pm return to Cusco


US$199 per person



  • Trilingual guide:  Kechua-Spanish-English

  • Transportation

  • Andean breakfast

  • Teaching from a Quechua doctor (Hampiruna) about traditional herbs

  • Traditional Lunch (chiriuchu)


What to bring:

  • Hiking boots -- are boots needed for the half-day tour or just walking shoes?

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Rain poncho

  • Water bottle

  • Candies to give the Quechua children


In Couleur Puquio the people are said to have the gift of healing. They are called Hampiqrunas or Hambirunas. They are people who have a strong relationship with medicinal plants. Almost every community has at least one. They are called the people’s doctors.


The main products of the area are superfoods: quinua, kiwicha, habas, maca, etc.


One of the ladies of the community will bring us to her garden to show us the different plants they use on a daily basis in Cusco. We will learn about each plant and how each part (flowers, leaves, stems, and roots) has different preparations and uses.


We will discuss how the healers diagnose illness, and how the Andean deities (including Apus, the mountain guardians, and Pachamama) can help in healing by transmitting the plant’s spirit to effect a cure.


Then we will see the herbs used for the preparation of a typical lunch: chiriuchu.