Cusco has been in existence for thousands of years.  Walk the streets than many generations have walked before, and learn about our rich history!
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Cusco’s Best Walking Excursion- 2.5 hours



Santa Ana Square

Street of Conquest

Sacsayhuaman, the largest archeology site in South America

Taste Muna Tea

Villa San Blas

Hatun Rumiyoc or "The Place of Big Stones"

Plaza de Armas




  • Experienced and knowledgeable English-speaking guide 

  • Transportation to Sacsayhuaman 

  • Muna Tea

  • Ticket for local bus 

  • Lunch including chicha, local drink from the Andes


US$70 per person


Come stroll the ancient streets of Cusco and learn about the amazing history of our city!


We begin the tour in Santa Ana square with a breathtaking view of the city.  Santa Ana is one of the first neighborhoods in Cusco built by the Spanish crown and Catholic Church.


After a summary of the history, we start our walk down to Cuesta Santa Ana to the Street of Conquest, the main street where the 180 Spaniards and 80 horses passed in the year 1535. You will learn about Tawantinsuyu, the Inca Empire in the time when Cusco was the Capital of the vast Empire.


Next we visit Sacsayhuaman, the largest archeology site in South America. Here we can appreciate the magnificent Inca architecture, terraces and huacas, which in that time were considered religious areas. We will discuss the many theories about this place.


After that, we will continue to a local store to try muña tea, an Andean local tea which oxygenates the heart. We will see natural products made from Alpaca. Baby Alpaca is considered the finest fabric in the world, even better than silk.


Next, we stop in Villa San Blas, the most traditional neighborhood for art. Well-known artists live in this neighborhood and it is a great place to enjoy music at night. Many bars play live music, local, international, and old school rock and pop.


We continue to Hatun Rumiyoc or "The Place of Big Stones", which features the 12 angles stone. This type of stone is green diorite, which is hard to find in the Andean region. We will also visit the most expensive place in Cusco, Plaza Nazarenas, where many five star hotels are located.


On the way to the main square of Cusco, After passing the first school in South America, San Francisco de Borja, and the Inca museum, we are on to the main square of Cusco to learn about the history of the square and the five adjacent churches.


The excursion will end with lunch in a local restaurant serving traditional dishes of the region such as guinea pig, rocoto relleno, costillar frito, fresh salads, and chichi, a local drink made with corn.



What to bring:

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Rain poncho

  • Water bottle

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"Our guide Carlos was UNBELIEVABLE. I have travelled around the world and can safely say that this was hands down the BEST walking tour I have been on. Carlos was enthusiastic, informative, and even answered our questions the next day when we ran into him.


The tour explored the history of Cusco, offered free transportation to local regions, expired neighborhoods as well as a tour of the chocolate museum.


This tour is a MUST!"


- Laura B