Sometimes you need to get away. You crave the time and calm to evaluate your lifestyle and 

reset your course.  But to really create change in your life, something has to change.  Otherwise, you go back home to the same routine, oftentimes more exhausted than when you left.


That’s why a retreat is so invaluable. You don’t just take time to think but time to learn. You set into motion a new way of being. It’s a catalyst for deep and lasting change.  A chance to make connections with people who can relate and support you in your effort.


Ahhh Peru! Lives are changed in the Sacred Valley. This isn’t just a get away; this is a life-changing experience. 


Seeing a picture of the ocean is not the same as putting your feet in the sand.  Smelling cookies baking is not the same as one melting in your mouth. And seeing pictures of the Sacred Valley is not the same as feeling the energy that resides here.  We are offering you the opportunity to allow that energy of timelessness, suspended in a state of meditation, to flow through you, to show you deep truths, and to change you in unexpected ways so that you go home to a new life, truly changed.