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local culture and cuisine


Exclusive access, Authentic Experiences, Extraordinary Customer Service


At Excursion Me Peru we intend to exceed the expectations of the travelers that trust us with their money, by caring about their experience. We pave the way for change and then get out of the way and allow it to happen. We do this by having an infectious love for what we do, and an appreciation for our environment and the priviledge of sharing it with other travelers. We seek to exemplify the deep change that travel can ignite, and to be genuine people who respect and appreciate the value and uniqueness of the people we serve.  ​

We hope, in some way, to effect the inter-cultural relationship between indiginous people and travelers by promoting interpersonal interaction and appreciation.​


As avid travelers, we see things from your perspective.  It is our sincere desire to exceed the expectations of everyone who gives us the privilege of sharing their travels with us. With us, you are never just another tourist, but a person who has decided to share in our love to experience other places and cultures. 

“What a spectacular and unforgettable adventure! Laura and Carlos took care of every detail. We experienced so much history, food, and wonderful people. We visited Quechua villages, took breathtaking tours of ancient sites, and enjoyed delicious street food. Just tell them what kinds of experiences you are looking for and let them craft your trip. You will NOT regret it!”

-Chris M.